Nicaragua is one of the lesser visited countries of Central America, but that is all about to change. The opportunities for the outdoor adventure seeker are boundless and the colonial towns provide just enough charm and grit to satisfy any culture junkie, not to mention there are some of the best beaches and surf in the region.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s just a few reasons why Nicaragua should be your next travel destination.

1. There are endless strips of untouched coastline
Surfing at Miramar Point with Surf Tours Nicaragua

With consistent swell and year round on-shore winds, there’s no better place to paddle out than Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. With hundreds of beaches to choose from, you might just have the waves all to yourself.

2. The chicken bus experience is unforgettable
Masaya Market - Nicaragua

Bouncing through the country side with your knees up around your ears and mans stout belly resting lightly on your shoulder is what the chicken bus experience is all about. It will make you laugh, or maybe cry, but you definitely you won’t be forgetting it in a hurry.

3. There's plenty to awaken your inner adventurer ...
Somoto Canyon | Adventure Nicaragua

From canyoning and rappelling the sheer cliffs of Somoto to kayaking river rapids and the isolated islands of Solentiname; there’s plenty to tire out even the most die-hard of adventure seekers.

4. ... and the hiking is incredible
Peñas Blancas | Nicaragua Next Destination

Through cloud forests and farmland, around volcanic craters and up to waterfalls; amazing hiking opportunities in Nicaragua abound.

5. The sunsets will blow your mind
Sunset at Moyogalpa, Ometepe | Nicaragua Next Destination

When the sky is painted in shades of purple, pink and orange, you’ll be running to catch the sun dip behind the horizon. Every day is a different show and you won’t want to miss one.

6. You can board down an active volcano at lightening speed ...
Volcano Boarding Cerro Negro | Adventure Nicaragua

Sliding down the steep, gravelly slopes of Cerro Negro at speeds of up to 90 km/h is one of the most adrenaline-inducing activities in the world. Something you can only do in Nicaragua, volcano boarding is not to be missed!

7. ... or swim in a crater lake just a few hours away
Sunrise at Laguna de Apoyo

The pristine waters of Laguna de Apoyo, nestled in an enormous volcanic crater, is one of the best places for a swim in Nicaragua.

8. You can sip from coconuts straight off the tree
Rio Indio Maiz

There’s nothing better than being able to reach way up and grab yourself a fresh green coconut. Hack off the top with a machete and you have one hell of a refreshing drink. Add a dash or two of Nicaragua’s delicious Flor de Caña rum and you have an even better cocktail.

9. The colonial towns are stunning
Granada Cathedral - Nicaragua | Nicaragua Next Destination

Between Granada’s beautiful coloured streets and picturesque setting, and León’s charming ramshackle buildings and revolutionary heart, both towns are easy to explore for hours on end. Some of the best food in the country can also be found along their tiny laneways.

10. The people are super friendly
Rio San Juan

They laugh openly and smile warmly and often welcome you into their homes with open arms.

11. You can get lost in primary jungle
Faces of the Indio Maiz

The dense primary forest of the Indio Maiz Reserve is rarely visited, teeming with wildlife and a place of great importance to the indigenous Rama community.

12. ... and find yourself in the Caribbean
Rio Indio Maiz | Nicaragua Next Destination

With white, palm lined beaches and turquoise waters, the Nicaraguan Caribbean is straight off a postcard and will no doubt be the source of much Instagram-worthy and envy inducing photos.

13. And did we mention the hammocks?
Surfing at Miramar Point with Surf Tours Nicaragua

Where else would you rather be than swinging in a hammock by the beach? The humble hammock is one of the most common sights in Nicaragua, on the porch of many homes, strung up inside as a bed or just the perfect spot for an afternoon nap.

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13 Reasons To Make Nicaragua Your Next Destination | Travel Nicaragua


  1. Nicaragua is a country that i have not really thought of, but after reading your article you have convinced me of its beauty! Ive written it down, for if i ever go to the american continent :))

    • Hey Stephanie, Thanks so much for your comment. We had such a great time in Nicaragua and would recommend it to anyone. It is one of those places that, in many parts, still feels undiscovered. If you ever make it to Central America, don’t miss it! 🙂

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