Hey there, I’m Freya!

An environmental scientist by trade and traveller by choice, there are few things I love more than an afternoon spent in nature, twiddling my toes in the sand, tasting the flavours of the world and curling up with a steaming cup of Earl Grey.

Growing up, travel was always a huge part of my life, one that took me to the crumbling glaciers of Patagonia, the frenetic streets of Hanoi, through the burnt red Australian outback and within pecking distance of a wild ostrich in the African savannah.

It was perhaps inevitable then that before long I would set off to take the first tentative steps of my very own adventure.

As a starry-eyed 21-year-old with an insatiable appetite to see the world, I jetted off to South-East Asia to figure out what this whole backpacking thing was all about.

Pamir Highway
Khiva Uzbekistan.

Six months turned into one year which melted into 18 months and eventually it was time to return to the sunny shores of Sydney and begin a new chapter.

One of tiresome daily commutes, meticulous timesheets and weekends that were all too fleeting. While the daily grind certainly began to take its toll, it was also a time that brought some incredible opportunities and experiences that, even after all these years of travel, remain as precious memories.

But in the end it was the freedom of the open road that I craved and so in 2015, I dusted off my trusty backpack and set off again with a one-way ticket to the palm-fringed shores of Tahiti, the promise of adventure on the horizon and the hope of making a life of travel my new normal.

Several months later in a beat-up brown van in a tiny beach town in central California, The Sandy Feet was born. While the name harks back to my deep love of the ocean, the feeling of toes in the sand and a boundless sea on the horizon, you’ll find a whole lot more than just beach inspiration over here.

Hiking adventures, epic road trips and beautiful nature are just as much, if not more, part of the picture.

Here on The Sandy Feet you’ll find practical, honest travel advice, attainable adventures from far-flung corners of the globe and beautiful photography to stoke your wanderlust.

I want to help you plan the best trip ever, whether you’re thirsting for the waves, the mountains or the crumbling walls of a wonderfully photogenic old town.

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