2 March 2020.

The Faroe Islands are a perfect road trip destination filled stunning coastal drives and epic views around every bend.

However, renting a car just isn’t feasible for everyone and that certainly doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on everything this stunning archipelago has to offer.

Whether you don’t drive, don’t feel comfortable renting a car or simply don’t want the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads in potentially wild Arctic weather, there are a growing number of Faroe Islands tours that will bring you to all the iconic locations accompanied by an informative local guide and none of the hassle of organising logistics.

For those in search of adventure, there’s also a plethora of day trips that will allow you to experience the wilder side of the islands with everything from kayaking the famous floating lake to climbing the archipelago’s highest peak.

Whatever type of trip you’re after, these are the best Faroe Islands tours.

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Arriving In The Faroe Islands


Not hiring a car? The first thing you’ll need to figure out is how to get from the airport to your hotel.

If you’re staying Torshavn, the easiest option is to take a shared transfer which costs 200kr (€27) per person with a minimum of two passengers. Book your transfer here.

For the return journey from Torshavn to the airport, book here.

Otherwise, bus #300 runs directly from Vagar Airport to Torshavn every day and meets many of the flights, though not all. The trip costs 90kr (€12) payable by cash or card on board and takes around an hour. See the timetable here.

If you intend to travel mostly by public transport, there is also a Travel Card which gives unlimited travel on buses and ferries (except Mykines) for 4 days (500kr/€53) or 7 days (700kr/€94). The Travel Card is available from the information desk at Vagar airport or Torshavn Bus Station.

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Faroe Islands Tours  |  The Highlights


The Faroe Islands are best known for their iconic locations – the fairytale waterfall at Gasadalur, the floating lake of Sorvagsvatn, the puffins at Mykines, the epic Kallur Lighthouse and the charming seaside villages of Saksun, Tjørnuvík and Gjogv.

These tours focus on one or two islands and bring you to some of these famous (and ridiculously beautiful) locations.


1  |  Villages Of Gjogv, Tjørnuvík and Saksun


Eysturoy and Streymoy are home to some of the Faroe Islands most enchanting villages; places that would be right at home in a storybook.

Saksun, a smattering of grass-roofed houses, sits at the end of a narrow meandering road bound by steep mountains and a bay that fills with water on the incoming tide. Tjørnuvík and Gjogv have an equally picturesque setting amidst vivid green landscapes with dramatic coastal views. Driving through this part of the Faroes is also nothing short of spectacular.


Take A Tour  |


Faroe Island Highlights  |  One of the Faroe Islands’ top-rated tours, this full-day experience brings you to these three beautiful villages along with stops at Fossa Waterfall, Kirkjubour and along some of the most scenic roads the archipelago has to offer.

Departing from Torshavn, you’ll be accompanied by a friendly and informative local guide and lunch is included. Tours are run every day except Wednesday and groups are kept small with a maximum of 7 guests. Check rates and availability here.

Golden Circle Tour  |  Similar to the highlights tour, this full-day excursion visits Saksun, Gjogv and Tjornuvik and includes plenty of opportunities for photo stops at some of the best roadside viewpoints along the way.

Tours run just twice a week during summer (Monday and Thursday) and once per week during winter (Mondays) when Tjornuvik may be left off the itinerary due to heavy snow. This trip is much more affordable than the tour above, though groups are also larger with a maximum of 18 guests. Check rates and availability here.

“See It All” Faroe Islands Tour  |  Cramming in all the highlights, this tour brings you to all these scenic villages as well as Mulafossur on Vagar and a handful of secret spots along the way. Though it receives excellent reviews, it’s a full-on day and involves plenty of driving so I’d only recommend taking this one if you’re incredibly short on time and want to actually ‘see it all’, or close to it, in just one day. Check rates and availability here.


Take The Bus  |


Reaching both Gjogv and Tjornuvik by bus will require you to transfer in Oyrarbakki from where buses to the villages are extremely limited. Bus #202 travels to Tjornuvik (timetable) just a handful of times per day on weekdays only, while #201 departs for Gjogv (timetable) a few times per day often by request only. There are no services to Saksun.

To reach Oyrarbakki from Torshavn, take bus #400 (timetable) which travels the route several times a day.

gjogv on eysturoy. faroe islands tours.

2  |  Vagar – Gasadalur, Mulafossur and Sørvágsvatn


Vagar Island plays host to two of the Faroe Islands must-visit attractions – the ethereal waterfall of Mulafossur at Gasadalur and the dramatic cliffs of Sørvágsvatn, the floating lake.

Between them lies a stunning coastal drive that hugs the cliffs before disappearing into an eerie mountain tunnel.

As one of the most popular and heavily trafficked areas of the Faroe Islands, since 2019 restrictions have been put in place for Sorvagsvatn to help conserve the vulnerable landscapes and all visitors will either need to pay a hiking fee or join a guided hike. See this website for more information on hiking restrictions.


Take A Tour  |


The Classic Tour Of Vagar  |  Begin your day with a hike along the shores of Sorvagsvatn before taking the scenic coastal road toward Bøur, enjoying a short walk through the village and ending at the magical Mulafossur.

This jam-packed tour is just 4 hours and runs every day from 10 a.m. beginning from the Magn petrol station in Miðvágur which is easily reached by bus from Torshavn. Check rates and availability here.

Sorvagsvatn to Trælanípa and Bøsdalafossur The Faroe Island’s most famous hike hugs the edge of the lake and brings you to Trælanípa, the soaring slave cliffs, and Bøsdalafossur, where the lake spills into the ocean.

Guided hiking tours cost 450kr (€60) and depart three times daily at 9 a.m., 12 and 3 p.m. with reduced days during low season. Check rates and availability here.

The Sorvagsvatn hiking fee is included in both these tours with the option to add a packed lunch. There are a handful of other tours to these locations as well, though most only operate for one or two days a week. See other options here.


Take The Bus  |


There are no buses that travel as far as Gasadalur, but you can take bus #300 from Torshavn to Miðvágur (timetable) where the trail along Sorvagsvatn begins.

To hike the trail independently, you’ll need to pay the 200kr (€27) hiking fee or join one of the guided hikes listed above.

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3  |  The Northern Isles – Kalsoy, Kunoy + Viðareiði


The northern isles are home to some of the most impressive landscapes in the Faroe Islands and yet surprisingly few tourists make it to these faraway lands.

Perched above the ocean with a dramatic backdrop of sheer cliffs, Kallur Lighthouse is among the Faroe Islands most epic sights and is an undeniably popular spot, one which will soon be featured in the new James Bond film, No Time To Die.

Standing opposite, Kunoy is a picturesque whitewashed village that backs onto a stark wall of mountains, while Viðareiði, the northernmost village in the archipelago, holds a striking position nestled between two steep triangular peaks.


Take A Tour  |


Kalsoy and Kallur Lighthouse  |  Departing from Torshavn five days a week (not Tuesday or Thursday), you’ll travel north to Klaksvik to take the ferry across the water to Kalsoy. Skirting along the coastal road you’ll stop in at Mikladalur to see the seal women before moving on to Trøllanes for the hike to Kallur Lighthouse. Check rates and availability here.

Northern Islands & Tjornuvik  |  This full-day tour departs from Torshavn and stops at Tjørnuvík, Viðareiði and Klaksvik where you’ll be given time to explore each village and enjoy the sublime mountain views en route. Runs on Sundays only between May and September. Check rates and availability here.

Highlights Of The North  |  This day trip brings you to Kalsoy for the hike to Kallur Lighthouse before venturing to the pretty villages of Kunoy and Vidareidi. Runs just twice a week (Wednesday and Friday) during peak season. Check rates and availability here.

All these tours include lunch, a local guide and all ferry and tunnel fees.


Take The Bus + Ferry  |


If you’re planning to visit the northern isles by public transport, I’d highly recommend staying overnight in Klaksvik rather than Torshavn.

For the Kallur Lighthouse, take the ferry from Klaksvik to Syðradalur on Kalsoy (timetable) before jumping on bus #506 to Trøllanes (timetable) where the trail begins. Most buses meet the arriving ferries but there are long gaps during the day so pay close attention to the schedule. Times also vary between weekdays and weekends, summer and winter.

To reach Viðareiði, take bus #500 from Klaksvik (timetable) though do note that services to this isolated northern village are extremely limited and highly seasonal. Kunoy is served by bus #504 (timetable) though there are just 3 services a day on weekdays only.

kallur lighthouse on kalsoy, things to do in the faroe islands, places to visit in the faroe islands

4  |  The Puffins Of Mykines


Famous for its striking landscapes and swarms of charismatic puffins, Mykines is an essential stop on any Faroe Islands itinerary. Though the plentiful birdlife is the absolute highlight, the hike to the lighthouse on Mykineshólmur, the remote western point of the Faroe Islands, also makes for an incredible way to spend the day.

As a protected area, strict regulations are in place and updated every year to protect the fragile breeding grounds of these beautiful birds who return en masse each summer. This includes a conservation hiking fee, restricted visitor numbers and access only between May and August. Though not essential, a guide is also recommended for any visit.


Take A Tour  |


Mykines With A Local  |  For your excursion you’ll be met by your local guide in Mykines Village and will enjoy the hike to the lighthouse accompanied by stories of local life and culture on the Faroes most remote isle. This tour runs five days a week from Sørvágur (you’ll need to make your own way here) and includes your ferry ticket, hiking fee and lunch. Check rates and availability here.

Puffin Island Mykines From Torshavn  |  This tour follows a similar itinerary but originated in Torshavn and runs just twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday, the days skipped on the tour above. Check rates and availability here.


Take The Bus + Ferry  |


The reach Sorvagur from Torshavn you’ll need to take bus #300 (timetable) and then the ferry to Mykines.

Ferries run only between May and August departing Sorvagur at 10:20 a.m. and 4:20 p.m. and returning from Mykines at 11:05 a.m. and 5:05 p.m. Advanced bookings are essential and cancellations occur frequently due to bad weather.

You can buy your ferry tickets here and pay the hiking fee here.

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Faroe Island Tours  |  Hiking + Adventure

For lovers of the outdoors, these are the tours for you.

These trips will allow you to escape to the wilderness or the water, get off the well-beaten tourist track and see the islands from an entirely different perspective.  


5  |  Hike from Saksun to Tjørnuvík


These two enchanting seaside villages are well worth a visit in their own right, but the high mountain pass that joins them is one of the most beautiful hikes in the area.

I’ve only done this hike in reverse from Tjørnuvík and only as far as the saddle where thigh-deep snow quickly put an end to the adventure, but the views are stunning and the route offers a fantastic opportunity to be immersed in the Faroese countryside.


Take A Tour  |


Hiking from Saksun to Tjørnuvík  Accompanied by an experienced guide, you’ll climb steeply behind Saksun along a grassy trail toward the pass where you’ll be rewarded with unbeatable panoramas across the northern tip of Streymoy before winding down into Tjørnuvík.

This 7km hiking tour runs every day and has the option of a packed lunch and transfers to and from Torshavn. Check rates and availability here.

tjornuvik on streymoy. faroe islands tours.

6  |  Hiking To Villingardalsfjall at Viðareiði


On both my visits to the Faroe Islands I had Villingardalsfjall, the fourth highest peak in the archipelago, firmly on my list. And yet on both occasions, after a day of unexpected detours and ridiculous roadside views that had me stopping constantly for just one more photo, I arrived in Viðareiði far too late in the day to even contemplate scrambling up the incredibly steep unmarked slope to the summit.

Towering over the northern isles, this challenging 2-hour uphill hike offers up spectacular views across the surrounding landscapes and the imposing pyramid of the opposite peak. It’s one of the most rewarding hikes in the Faroes but certainly not for the faint hearted.


Take A Tour  |


Hike To Villingardalsfjall  |  This full-day hiking tour includes transfers between Torshavn and Vidareidi where you’ll begin the beautiful and steep uphill climb. The tour runs everyday, year round, and you’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide for the adventure. Check rates and availability here.

vidareidi and villingardalsfjall. faroe islands tours.

7  |  Kayak The Lakes And Oceans


When you’re surrounded by so much water, heading out for a paddle is a fantastic way to enjoy all the beauty of the archipelago at a slower pace and from a different perspective.

Kaying is offered in several locations in the Faroe Islands, both in its lakes and ocean. Considering many of these Faroe Islands tours are rather pricey, you’ll find that kayaking in comparison is actually very affordable. Most trips will require you to make your own way there from Torshavn.


Take A Tour  |


Kayak Drangarnir + Mulafossur  |  Departing from Bøur on Vagar, this kayaking tour brings you within a stone’s throw of the free-standing rock arch of Drangarnir before gliding alongside the dramatic cliffs to view Mulafossur from below.

You’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide with snacks and drysuit included. Runs on Wednesdays and weekends during peak season only. Check rates and availability here.

Kayak Sorvagsvatn  |  Take to the water for a paddle on the Faroe Island’s largest lake before clambering along the vertigo-inducing clifftops. It takes around 1 hour to paddle each way and you’ll have the option to rent a kayak and head out solo or be joined by a guide. Check rates and availability here.

Kayak Sandsvatn  |  On Sandoy you’ll find Sandsvatn, another peaceful lake perfect for a leisurely paddle. Sandoy is somewhat flatter than its neighbours but what makes it unique is its rich birdlife and floral diversity.

To get here without a car, you’ll need to take bus #101 from Torshavn to Gamlarætt (timetable), jump on the ferry to Skopun on Sandoy (timetable) and then take bus #601 to Sandur (timetable). It may sound a little convoluted but the bus and ferry schedules are well coordinated to streamline the journey. Check rates and availability here.

Kayak Hosvik  |  Nestled along a quiet stretch of the fjord that separates Streymoy and Eysturoy, the tiny hamlet of Hósvík is a wonderfully tranquil place to begin your kayaking excursion. Its protected location means that perfect reflections on the glassy surface are possible, provided the weather behaves. To reach here by public transport, take bus #400 from Torshavn (timetable). Check rates and availability here.

Check out the other options for kayaking here.

sorvagsvatn. vagar. faroe islands tours.

8  |  Hiking On Streymoy Island


You don’t have to venture far from the capital to find some simply gorgeous landscapes, so why not skip the lengthy drive entirely and stay close to your own backyard.


Take A Tour  |


Viking Hiking On Streymoy Island  |  Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings along the dramatic southern coastline of Streymoy.

Beginning in Torshavn, you’ll take in the wide valley of Mannafelsdalur and gaze across the bay at Trollkunnigur before making your way to Norðradalur, home to one of the Faroe Island’s most scenic roads. Check rates and availability here.

Hiking West Of Streymoy  |  Setting out from Mjørkadalur, you’ll trace the west coast of Streymoy, passing by some of the highest peaks in the archipelago and some curious rock formations before making your way to Norðradalur. Check rates and availability here.

norðradalur on streymoy. faroe islands tours.

9  |  Hiking On Suðuroy


The Faroe’s most southern isle sees few visitors but it is an exceptionally beautiful place and well worth the two-hour ferry ride it takes to reach it.


Take A Tour  |


Hiking Hvannhagi  |  One of Suðuroy’s most impressive natural sights, Hvannhagi is a protected lake cradled beneath rugged peaks. The way there will lead you across some of the higher vantage points of the island and reward you with spectacular vistas. **Update: This tour is no longer operating.

Experience Ásmundarstakkur, Rituskor & Sandvík  |  The rugged west coast of the island is one of the best places for a hike and this tour does just that. Visit the tiny bridge perched precariously across a ravine, the sea stacks balanced offshore and the tiny village at the northern tip of the island. Check rates and availability here.

For a sightseeing tour rather than a hiking excursion, see here.


Take The Ferry  |


There are 4 to 6 services daily between Torshavn and Tvøroyri on Suðuroy. The trip costs 80kr per person (without a vehicle) and takes 2 hours. See the timetable here.

Suduroy, Faroe Islands | A Short Guide To The Faroes Southernmost Isle

10  |  Vestmanna Sea Cliffs


One of the Faroe Island’s original excursions, the Vestmanna sea cliffs offer a great opportunity to see the mind-boggling cliffs from the water’s edge and are a decent choice for any bird lovers who may have missed out on visiting Mykines.


Take A Tour  |


Vestmanna Sea Cliffs  |  This boat tour brings you within reach of the staggering sea cliffs that rise from the ocean near Vestmanna on the east coast of Streymoy.

It is here that you’ll find some of the richest birdlife in the archipelago and be given plenty of time to enjoy the spectacle as they dart between rock and sea. Check rates and availability here.


Take The Bus  |


To reach Vestmanna, you’ll need to take bus #300 from Torshavn to the Effo i Kollafjordur Bus Station and transfer to bus #100 for the rest of the journey. The trip takes around an hour and you can see the timetable here.

Heading to the Faroe Islands? Start Planning Your Adventure With These Guides!


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