The Solomon Islands are full of big experiences – rubbing shoulders with dozens of reef shark, navigating the sunken chambers of a WWll shipwreck, scrambling up extinct volcanoes, surfing clean, rolling reef breaks or lumbering through untamed jungle in search of thundering waterfalls.

It had been this promise of adventure that first drew me to this corner of the Pacific, and yet on returning home, these were not the encounters that I had captured through the lens.

Instead it was the quiet moments that stole focus. The curious snippets of day-to-day life, the comings and goings, the inbetween fragments of a slow-paced life lived on the water.

A fisherman in a dugout canoe tracing a path through the waves. A stolen glance from an inquisitive village child. The textures of tropical rain rippling across the velvety surface of the lagoon. Men deep in conversation on their afternoon stroll between work and home. The distant growl of a brewing storm as it gobbled up the islands in its path.

This is island life in the Solomon Islands, in photos.

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