So, you want to go on an adventure but don’t know where the hell to start?

We’ve all been there and taking those first travel steps can be completely overwhelming.

Freya was so frantic the night before her first solo trip she repacked five times and managed to rip the zipper clean off her brand new backpack. Chris went to an outdoor store and left with one of every gadget and piece of clothing on the shelves.

These days we can confidently say we’ve probably done it all. Made all the stupid mistakes, packed way too much, bought a bunch of completely useless stuff we thought would be essential, had all our valuables stolen, ended up stranded at 4AM and rarely managed to escape a flight or bus journey without some kind of shampoo explosion.

But, more importantly, we like to think we’ve learned a thing or two since buying those stupid pants with all the unnecessary zips and hopefully our slight misfortunes can help you to plan the best trip ever.

What to Pack

From all the essentials you may not think to pack to choosing a camera system that won’t become a cumbersome annoyance on the road, these guides will make sure you’re prepared for for your trip.

Travel Resources - Travel Essentials
Travel Resources - Camera Gear
Where to Stay

Whether you seek a cosy cottage in the country, a raging hostel in the city centre or the simplicity of vanlife or a tent, there are so many options for accommodation these days that you’ll always find a place to rest your weary head, even it it does end up being a lumpy seat on a musty smelling overnight bus.

These are our favourite places to book accommodation.

Sunrise at Laguna de Apoyo

These days hostels are no longer associated with dingy dorm rooms and questionable cleanliness, exchanged for thoughtfully designed spaces, homely comforts and the best place to meet fellow travellers.

Have a destination in mind? Then start searching for the perfect hostel here.


If a little privacy is what you crave, Airbnb offers the cosiness of a guesthouse with the chance to have a more authentic experience and live like a local. For couples, the best deals are often found right here.

Choose from cosy privates where you can interact with your hosts or splurge on an entire home or apartment to yourself.

New to Airbnb? Sign up here and receive $30 off when you make your first booking.

Travel Tips and Tricks

We love a good life hack and we like to think we’ve picked up a few along the way.

These are the rules we live by to have the fullest experience possible on a tight travel budget and our favourite apps that help us travel better.

Travel Resources - Budget Travel
Travel Resources - Travel Apps